PAPER PEOPLE – Blade Runner Fan Film

Ein Blade Runner Fan Film, (fast) passend zum Kinostart von Blade Runner 2049.

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2 Kommentare

  1. Alex Talpur Oktober 9, 2017

    Hi there,

    Let me start by saying just how wonderful I found your short film Paper People. A stunning job, perfectly realised! Congratulations all round!

    I was just wondering if it might be able to purchase a physical copy of the film at all, be it on DVD, Blu-Ray or 4K Disc? I’d love a physical copy of this film – it really is great!

    Thanks again,


    • Lutz Oktober 30, 2017 — Autor der Seiten

      Hi Alex, sorry for the late reply! We really appreciate your praise of the film. It might be one of the first times we’ve been asked for a physical copy, we are really happy you think the film deserves a Blu-Ray release. We will definitely think about it, but because of the low-budget nature of our films we have never done this so far. Maybe in the future!


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